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Bites of Zurich — ottobre 31, 2013

Bites of Zurich

By this time, most of you should have understood that I am a foodie. I always look for good, healthy, flavored, beautiful food. And I finally found my favorite spot in Zurich: the Markhalle on Limmatstrasse. Yes, it is expensive. But let’s face it: do you know many affordable places in Zurich? And at least, here the food is awesome. The Markhalle includes a market ( with an incredible cheese shop, a fine wine shop, a good bakery etc) and a restaurant but it is possible also to grab some street food: a good compromise for a nice meal at a not so expensive price (for Zurich)!




Swiss Make-a-Wish — ottobre 30, 2013

Swiss Make-a-Wish

On the Lettenviadukt in Zurich we found a little spot where people write their wishes on little pieces of colored paper and secure them to the fence. DSC_0672 foto per blog buona2

Of course it is all clean, ordered and well organized with pens, pieces of paper…but my inside Charlotte tickled anyway! Romanticism in Zurich: people here want to dream…


Alice in Switzerland — ottobre 29, 2013

Alice in Switzerland

I am no good at geography. I have never liked it, since I was a child. At school I always tried to avoid it and at University I changed it to anthropology (a super difficult exam that I had to work my butt off to pass…I wonder sometimes where I take these “great” ideas). Anyway, the result is that I almost know nothing about the geography of Switzerland (and of any other place on this planet). But last week I found something that – I think – maybe could help me with it.

Last Friday, I went to a very nice little bar in Baden, the Cava Bar. It is small, cozy and has a wide collection of  board games available for the customers. Among them I spotted this: “Voyage in Suisse”/”Viaggio in Svizzera”/”Schweizer Reiser” (Swiss Journey).

photo (1)

A board game in three languages (German, French and Italian) for families (you see it from the box: it is not a cool board game like Taboo, that is for singles or couples…) with an educational purpose: learn the geography of Switzerland. It was like it was made for me.

In fact, it is to play on a map of the country and it comes with cards full of details about Swiss places and life. It is super nerdy.

photo (2)


Now the only little problem is that we tried to go through the instructions but they seemed immediately super complicated. So I will now have to buy one on Ebay or Ricardo (the Swiss version of Ebay) and spend some good time on it before being able to play.

So probably some of you could wonder why I can’t just learn geography. Mhhhh… they say “Board game is the new anthropology”…

Desperately seeking …Charlotte — ottobre 28, 2013

Desperately seeking …Charlotte

People usually say that Zurich is not a romantic city. And let’s face it: it is not Paris. But I am an incurable romantic and, as We were having a walk in Zurich on Saturday night, we decided to stop at the ETH terrace.
The view from there is terrific. Zurich looked beautiful.




After a while we decided to grab a bite and we walked down the hill. While we were resting on a bench I suddenly saw a building sparkling with colored lights down the hill.


It looked like Les Etages, one of my favorite bars in the Marais in Paris. I saw some young girls entering the main door on the street and still full of my romanticism I decided to check it out. I just arrived almost to the door and discovered it was…a brothel. I looked up to the windows and saw semi-naked young girls trying to attract customers from the street. So I walked calmly away, trying to look nonchalant.

I keep forgetting that prostitution is legal in Switzerland and in the center there is more than one red lights street.

You know as the Roxette sang “it must have been love, but it’s over now” so maybe I should stop looking for romanticism in Zurich. But if I were a “Sex & the City” character, there is no doubt I would be Charlotte. And Charlotte never quits to be an hopeless romantic. Never.

Super-Brugg-Market — ottobre 25, 2013


A couple of days ago, I was shopping in Brugg and I spotted a poster which promoted the annual city market. And I just learned Brugg is not the only city in Switzerland which holds an annual market: it’s kind of a tradition here.


The annual market in Brugg, this year,  will be on November 12th: on Tuesday! That looked kind of odd to me: who is going to take a day off just to go to the market? Someone very intelligent and cultivated (namely my husband) explained to me that this is a tradition that comes from the Middle Ages…

So probably Swiss people will take a day off or  it will be attended only by unemployed people, part-timers, non-working moms, retired old people. I know, it doesn’t sound very attractive. And for the singles: it is not probably the best place to find your soul mate (if you are not 80).

Well, I must admit that the poster doesn’t too attractive either: a bunch of pink bags (not even centered in the picture)… Come on, I mean, is this supposed to stimulate my curiosity? They could have displayed some actual magenbrot instead…

Anyway, let’s be positive. This year I don’t want to miss it: I want to try as much magenbrot as I can and whatever else is on sale. That is not super-expensive. So probably nothing. Ok, I will go and have only a look and takes some pictures for you.

One 1/2 Franc for your Thoughts — ottobre 24, 2013

One 1/2 Franc for your Thoughts

When I arrive in a new country I always have problems with coins: I don’t recognize them so I  pay with notes and I end up with a bag of coins like Scrooge McDuck.

In Switzerland I manage to do just fine now with coins except for the 1/2 Franc. In my defence it must be said that it is incredibly small (diameter: 18 mm and light weighted (2.2 g). But it is worth 0.4 Euro (and about 0,3£ and half US dollar).


(Disclaimer: The Mini Mars has been picked up for this photo for the sole purpose to show the size of the 1/2 Franc because considered an International recognized standard. I don’t wish to damage in any way Mini Mars’ reputation as they are my favourite mini bars).

And it seems to have the incredible power to disappear: it can reach the most hidden of corner of the wallet and in the pockets can perform the invisibility spell better than Hermione Granger.

So my project for this year is to collect enough signature for a referendum (it is how democracy works here people! in Switzerland they do a referendum almost for everything) to erase this little thing from the face of the Earth or to change its components. If they put some Iron in it there is good chance I can use a magnet to find it!

Guess Who’s Coming to…Brunch — ottobre 23, 2013
The Zurich Central Station Market is back! — ottobre 22, 2013

The Zurich Central Station Market is back!

In some periods of the year, every Tuesday, the Zurich Central Station burst with colors and flavors of the market. From fresh and dried fruit to jewels and soaps, you can find almost everything! And you can also grab a bite: street food of every kind. Including Italian piadina and Sicilian arancini (which are a bit pricy – I must admit – but look good). And of course chestnuts, a typical Swiss snack during fall.









Baby it’s cold outside —
From Lilliput with love — ottobre 21, 2013