When I arrive in a new country I always have problems with coins: I don’t recognize them so I  pay with notes and I end up with a bag of coins like Scrooge McDuck.

In Switzerland I manage to do just fine now with coins except for the 1/2 Franc. In my defence it must be said that it is incredibly small (diameter: 18 mm and light weighted (2.2 g). But it is worth 0.4 Euro (and about 0,3£ and half US dollar).


(Disclaimer: The Mini Mars has been picked up for this photo for the sole purpose to show the size of the 1/2 Franc because considered an International recognized standard. I don’t wish to damage in any way Mini Mars’ reputation as they are my favourite mini bars).

And it seems to have the incredible power to disappear: it can reach the most hidden of corner of the wallet and in the pockets can perform the invisibility spell better than Hermione Granger.

So my project for this year is to collect enough signature for a referendum (it is how democracy works here people! in Switzerland they do a referendum almost for everything) to erase this little thing from the face of the Earth or to change its components. If they put some Iron in it there is good chance I can use a magnet to find it!