A couple of days ago, I was shopping in Brugg and I spotted a poster which promoted the annual city market. And I just learned Brugg is not the only city in Switzerland which holds an annual market: it’s kind of a tradition here.


The annual market in Brugg, this year,  will be on November 12th: on Tuesday! That looked kind of odd to me: who is going to take a day off just to go to the market? Someone very intelligent and cultivated (namely my husband) explained to me that this is a tradition that comes from the Middle Ages…

So probably Swiss people will take a day off or  it will be attended only by unemployed people, part-timers, non-working moms, retired old people. I know, it doesn’t sound very attractive. And for the singles: it is not probably the best place to find your soul mate (if you are not 80).

Well, I must admit that the poster doesn’t too attractive either: a bunch of pink bags (not even centered in the picture)… Come on, I mean, is this supposed to stimulate my curiosity? They could have displayed some actual magenbrot instead…

Anyway, let’s be positive. This year I don’t want to miss it: I want to try as much magenbrot as I can and whatever else is on sale. That is not super-expensive. So probably nothing. Ok, I will go and have only a look and takes some pictures for you.