People usually say that Zurich is not a romantic city. And let’s face it: it is not Paris. But I am an incurable romantic and, as We were having a walk in Zurich on Saturday night, we decided to stop at the ETH terrace.
The view from there is terrific. Zurich looked beautiful.




After a while we decided to grab a bite and we walked down the hill. While we were resting on a bench I suddenly saw a building sparkling with colored lights down the hill.


It looked like Les Etages, one of my favorite bars in the Marais in Paris. I saw some young girls entering the main door on the street and still full of my romanticism I decided to check it out. I just arrived almost to the door and discovered it was…a brothel. I looked up to the windows and saw semi-naked young girls trying to attract customers from the street. So I walked calmly away, trying to look nonchalant.

I keep forgetting that prostitution is legal in Switzerland and in the center there is more than one red lights street.

You know as the Roxette sang “it must have been love, but it’s over now” so maybe I should stop looking for romanticism in Zurich. But if I were a “Sex & the City” character, there is no doubt I would be Charlotte. And Charlotte never quits to be an hopeless romantic. Never.