I am no good at geography. I have never liked it, since I was a child. At school I always tried to avoid it and at University I changed it to anthropology (a super difficult exam that I had to work my butt off to pass…I wonder sometimes where I take these “great” ideas). Anyway, the result is that I almost know nothing about the geography of Switzerland (and of any other place on this planet). But last week I found something that – I think – maybe could help me with it.

Last Friday, I went to a very nice little bar in Baden, the Cava Bar. It is small, cozy and has a wide collection of  board games available for the customers. Among them I spotted this: “Voyage in Suisse”/”Viaggio in Svizzera”/”Schweizer Reiser” (Swiss Journey).

photo (1)

A board game in three languages (German, French and Italian) for families (you see it from the box: it is not a cool board game like Taboo, that is for singles or couples…) with an educational purpose: learn the geography of Switzerland. It was like it was made for me.

In fact, it is to play on a map of the country and it comes with cards full of details about Swiss places and life. It is super nerdy.

photo (2)


Now the only little problem is that we tried to go through the instructions but they seemed immediately super complicated. So I will now have to buy one on Ebay or Ricardo (the Swiss version of Ebay) and spend some good time on it before being able to play.

So probably some of you could wonder why I can’t just learn geography. Mhhhh…..as they say “Board game is the new anthropology”…