Don’t take me wrong I love Christmas. I love everything about it: the tree, the decorations, the mistletoe. I am the ultimate Christmas person. I begin to plan the gifts months in advance. I organize every single detail about Christmas.

But finding the Christmas biscuits in October at Migros or Coop is too much also for me. And now, after Halloween, Christmas’ decorations and sweets are invading every single inch of Swiss cities and villages.

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And the worst part about it is that my unconscious is pushing me to buy Christmas things. I even dreamt about Christmas morning last week. And every time I enter a supermarket I feel the urge to buy a panettone (extremely expensive here, by the way), a chocolate Santa, or one of those nice Lindt golden bears. But I hold in there. I try to look to my feet and pass through.

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But Christmas is two months away…and I am afraid that sooner or later I will give up, I will buy hundreds of those little smarties candies and I will take a billion pounds. So I tried to explore some solutions: Home delivery? Too expensive. Going to a kosher store? Too far. Online shopping? Too complicated for food. 

So I came only with one solution: have an anti-Christmas role model. I am still not sure if I will go with the Grinch or Bad Santa. Hoping it works. Or I will become the next puffy snow man in the neighborhood …