Yesterday, in Baden, I had my first Gluhwein of the season in front a a fire. A very nice Swiss thing to do during “Christmas time” and since the Christmas season is officially began I allowed myself to have the first gluhwein of the season.

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I must admit it was not even close to a good French vin brulée. Last year we had wonderful  white, red and even rosé vin brulè in Colmar and Mulhouse.

I think the problem is the wine: in Switzerland they don’t make great wines (the French on the contrary use for the vin brulè the Cote du Rhone, which is actually quite good for less than half the prize).

But the gluhwein remains the best thing to do when at 18.30/19 the shops begin to close and the streets are almost empty. And it is nice to meet friends in front of the fire sipping a hot spicy alcoholic drink. It is not the usual “happy hour” but it is 100% Swiss. And that’s what counts here.