I was quite fascinated when I learned about the quarrel between the inventor of the Cronuts (the chef Dominique Ansel) and Migros.

So, after a bit Migros gave up and decided to change the name (for some details about this, see this article from Local.ch and this from Swissinfo.ch) and chose  Big’ O, which actually doesn’t tell much about the product and sounds a little MacDonald’sish. 



Even if the Big’ Os don’t share the new yorker’s  charm, they surely come with some benefits if you live in Switzerland: they are available in Zurich (at the Migros Take Away in HB) and Lucerne (so you don’t have to the the plane every time you crave one), you don’t have to queue for hours just to buy one of them, they come in more than one flavor (Domenique Ansel make only one flavor per month). And it all made with genuinely fresh swiss products!