Switzerland through a bunch of pics

Between the clouds — dicembre 27, 2013

Between the clouds

Usually I am very quite on the plane, I don’t spend my time taking pictures and poiting out places from the windows. But this time, flying on a little Swiss plane, relaxing with a coke and a cheese sandwich, I felt inspired.
The weather was so perfect I could (well my husband could – you know that Geography is not my thing) spot Olten, Luzerne’s and Zug’s Lakes and the Pilatus and Rigi.
Not that I know all these places really, but it looked pretty spectacular and I took some pictures for you.

The sky over Basel Euroairport — dicembre 24, 2013

The sky over Basel Euroairport

When I can I always fly from Basel. It is my favorite airport in Switzerland. Even if in Zurich’s airport there is more choice of shops (there is life saver Migros too), cafes (yes, there is a Starbucks) bars and restaurants, the Basel airport has something, a sort of undeniable poetic quality. Maybe because it is between three countries, maybe for the beautiful Tinguely in the hall. Beautiful and very patriotic, with its Swiss flag.

Christmas sales… — dicembre 19, 2013

Christmas sales…

Switzerland is usually expensive. More than any other country in Europe. It is just not the luxury goods. Everything cost more here. But they often have special offers: extremely convenient and on every kind of item. Now just before Christmas there is a special sale at Coop City: quite unusual if you think that in the rest of Europe sales begin just at the beginning of the New Year. But Swiss are different. I have told you many times. So if you still have to buy some gifts don’t miss it! And don’t forget your Supercard!

A little boost for Christmas? — dicembre 18, 2013
Brugg Weihnachtsmarkt — dicembre 16, 2013

Brugg Weihnachtsmarkt

Finally it arrived: Brugg’s Christmas Market. I dropped by on Sunday afternoon, just to have a look to the usual stands with funny clothes and garden decorations. And of course there were also the traditional carousel players, that don’t miss any event in Brugg.


In fact, what I like about these events in Switzerland is that you always find the same stands and things and year by year they become a family tradition.



The funniest stand was the one in which Rosti was cooked in several pans, like in a competition.

One of the best thing, as usual, were the bonfires and the gluhwein, warmed in a cauldron and full of spices.


Among the newest thing there was a fire eater, dressed in Swiss colors. Perfect for a chilly afternoon in Aargau.


Bahnhofstrasse by Christmas — dicembre 15, 2013

Bahnhofstrasse by Christmas

Bahnhofstrasse is my favorite street in Zurich at Christmas time! With its beautiful lights and decorations it is a real catch for the eye.

Furthermore it is always full of life and very crowded for it is the place to buy your Christmas gifts. There are shops from all the major Swiss brands to the usual ones such as H&M, Mango etc

My favorite places are Globus and Manor, two department stores where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

In this time of the year Manor offers also some interesting special offers and discounts!

And when you are tired you can always stop at Manora, Manor’s restaurant at the 5th floor, which offers a good selection of snacks and drinks, perfect for a little break. And it is very affordable too(Zurich’s prices considered).

At 3 minutes from Manor, there is one of Zurich Christmas most famous attraction: the singing tree, a Christmas tree decorated structure that hosts choirs , mostly made up of kids. It is so cute you really can’t miss it!

Up on the slopes of Zurich! — dicembre 9, 2013

Up on the slopes of Zurich!

One of my favourite spots in Zurich is the Polybahn, a cable railway that allows to reach ETH terrace (and the University of Zurich) from Central in few minutes. The entrance is just next to Starbucks, behind a big red door.


The wagons with their old style recall a Zurich that no longer exists.


I know, you can take the bus or just climb up the hill on foot but it is not the same. How can I describe the excitement when the little wagon slowly speed up and you see the city from a new prospective, a different angle?


I know, the company is not always the most romantic: nerdy ETH students who laugh loudly and push each other. But you can always look out side and with your Ipod shut the world out.


Getting ready for 2013 Christmas Markets in Aargau — dicembre 3, 2013

Getting ready for 2013 Christmas Markets in Aargau

Christmas is a huge deal in Switzerland. Huge as the Emmentaler and the chocolate. After baking tons of Christmas cookies (luckly I am learning some German which is super useful to translate the recipes), decorating them (yes, I gave up and bought Dr Oetker’s icing pens and tubes) it is now time to take a little rest and enjoy some good life here. So I thought: what would be better than making a little Weihhnachsmarkt tour (for the “not yet” German speakers: Christmas Market)?


In fact it is a good occasion to explore new places and …to drink some more gluhwein!

Some poor SBB promoters, dressed like angels (their wings were probably bought during WW1) gave me a nice booklet with a calendar of the events in the Solothurn and Aargau’s area. Here they are:

– on Dec. 4-5  (h. 13-21): Solothurn

– on Dec. 5-6-7-8 : Olten

-on Dec. 6-7  (h. 17-22; 11-22): Wildegg

– on Dec. 6-7-8 : Zofingen

-on Dec. 7 (h. 9-17): Baden

-on Dec. 7 (h.10-20): Safenwil

– on Dec. 14-15: Brugg

-on Dec. 13-14-15: Lagenthal

-on Dec. 14-15: Niederbipp

– on Dec. 18-20-21-22: Schinznach Bad

(Now I would like to point out that this calendar refers ONLY to December 2013 because it happens to me all the times: I check events on blogs but I don’t verify the year when they were posted…this is how you find yourself in the middle of nowhere looking for a concert that was held in 2002…)

Anyway, probably some of you will argue that Christmas Markets look pretty much the same in all Switzerland but come on… who would like tomiss all the fun of little town concerts, home made cookies, wooden sculptures and cotton candy!!!