Christmas is a huge deal in Switzerland. Huge as the Emmentaler and the chocolate. After baking tons of Christmas cookies (luckly I am learning some German which is super useful to translate the recipes), decorating them (yes, I gave up and bought Dr Oetker’s icing pens and tubes) it is now time to take a little rest and enjoy some good life here. So I thought: what would be better than making a little Weihhnachsmarkt tour (for the “not yet” German speakers: Christmas Market)?


In fact it is a good occasion to explore new places and …to drink some more gluhwein!

Some poor SBB promoters, dressed like angels (their wings were probably bought during WW1) gave me a nice booklet with a calendar of the events in the Solothurn and Aargau’s area. Here they are:

– on Dec. 4-5  (h. 13-21): Solothurn

– on Dec. 5-6-7-8 : Olten

-on Dec. 6-7  (h. 17-22; 11-22): Wildegg

– on Dec. 6-7-8 : Zofingen

-on Dec. 7 (h. 9-17): Baden

-on Dec. 7 (h.10-20): Safenwil

– on Dec. 14-15: Brugg

-on Dec. 13-14-15: Lagenthal

-on Dec. 14-15: Niederbipp

– on Dec. 18-20-21-22: Schinznach Bad

(Now I would like to point out that this calendar refers ONLY to December 2013 because it happens to me all the times: I check events on blogs but I don’t verify the year when they were posted…this is how you find yourself in the middle of nowhere looking for a concert that was held in 2002…)

Anyway, probably some of you will argue that Christmas Markets look pretty much the same in all Switzerland but come on… who would like tomiss all the fun of little town concerts, home made cookies, wooden sculptures and cotton candy!!!