Bahnhofstrasse is my favorite street in Zurich at Christmas time! With its beautiful lights and decorations it is a real catch for the eye.

Furthermore it is always full of life and very crowded for it is the place to buy your Christmas gifts. There are shops from all the major Swiss brands to the usual ones such as H&M, Mango etc

My favorite places are Globus and Manor, two department stores where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

In this time of the year Manor offers also some interesting special offers and discounts!

And when you are tired you can always stop at Manora, Manor’s restaurant at the 5th floor, which offers a good selection of snacks and drinks, perfect for a little break. And it is very affordable too(Zurich’s prices considered).

At 3 minutes from Manor, there is one of Zurich Christmas most famous attraction: the singing tree, a Christmas tree decorated structure that hosts choirs , mostly made up of kids. It is so cute you really can’t miss it!