Last month a guy from my German course defined Niki de Saint Phalle’s Angel at Zurich Hauptbahnhof “a fat flying lady”.


Believe me, this is not the post in which I will begin to comment an artwork or advocate for a better Art education in public schools. It is just the beginning of an anecdote, I swear.

In fact, after that it became clear that nobody  in the class (including the Swiss teacher) had spotted Mario Merz’s The Philopher’s Egg on the other side of the big hall. Some of them didn’t even know that there were a red neon spiral with blue numbers from the Fibonacci series and flying animals. Merz’s and Niki de Saint Phalle’s works at Zurich HB are two beautiful landmarks of the city and a good omen for the travelers.


So I asked myself: is it because we don’t pay attention anymore to what’s around us, always looking to smart phones, ipads etc?  Or it is just that we are not curios and we look but we don’t properly see things? I am the first I must admit that can’t stay one hour without checking the email, FB or Twitter and I am always distracted by something else…

This is why sometimes it takes a different prospective to re-discover our own everyday life. Maybe an expat. Maybe a blog.