Switzerland through a bunch of pics

Pizza, pasta, ciao in Zurich — febbraio 20, 2014

Pizza, pasta, ciao in Zurich

Tonight my husband and I went to an Italian pizzeria and spaghetteria in Zurich, Pizza Pasta Ciao. We had purchased a Groupon voucher and we were eager to try a new Italian place. We started the dinner with a fresh mixed salad (with a light dressing), continued with an excellent porcini pizza (thick with a fluffy crust, dressed with savory mozzarella and big porcini mushrooms) and the tiramisu of the house (the Pan di Spagna – sponge cake –  was really fluffy and light but maybe there was too little coffee).
Anyway everything was fresh and tasty and we really enjoyed our dinner. The service was quick and efficient and the decor was simple but cosy. I think we will pay another visit soon to try their pasta that looked delicious from other tables.

A girlfriends’ night at Hiltl — febbraio 13, 2014

A girlfriends’ night at Hiltl

Among the most renown culinary landmarks of Zurich, there is for sure Hiltl, a beautiful  vegetarian restaurant in the center of the city (they say it holds the guinness world records for being the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the World) , at a few minutes walk from the train station. It is famous for its rich and colorful buffet but offers a menu á la carte as well.
The buffet is a mix of different cultures and traditions for it includes dishes from Italian, Indian, Mexican and many other cuisines.
My personal favorites are dahl, guacamole and calzoni.
To finish the meal with a touch of sweetness, there is also a good choice of desserts: the pineapple crumble is amazing! The soy chocolate mousse is perfect for the lactose intolerants.
Customers can arrange and weight their own dishes, and pay later, at the end of the meal, comfortably sit at the table (credit cards accepted, of course). And the buffet becomes an “all you can eat” for just 57 CHF. For the high quality and flavor, I think, a meal at Hiltl comes definitely at a very fair price.
Hiltl is really perfect for a fancy girlfriends’ night out (like in my case) or a glamourous but sober business meeting: the rooms are elegantly decorated, with sparkling lamps and mirrors, and offer both quietness and intimacy for a good chat (if you reserve a good table, of course) or occasions for social contacts in huge long tables to share.
Next time I will try one of their famous cocktails or juices: they say they are a blast!

Hungry at Basel EuroAirport? don’t miss the new “Paul” — febbraio 6, 2014

Hungry at Basel EuroAirport? don’t miss the new “Paul”

Basel EuroAirport offers very spectacular panoramas and host an incredible Tinguely on the second floor but restaurants and cafés unfortunately are not its forte.
Luckily, an interesting place finally opened after the security check: Paul, the renown French bakery brand.
Famous for its fresh sandwiches, pastries and delicious bread, Paul offers a wide range of menus and combo for lunch and breakfast, perfect for a sudden craving while waiting the plane.
It replaced an horrible bar that – I am sure – nobody will miss.
Furthermore, it is perfect if you want to purchase a box of their assorted macaroons (pistachios’ are the best!)

At the discovery of the Kino-Bar in Switzerland — febbraio 4, 2014

At the discovery of the Kino-Bar in Switzerland

Beside the usual huge and modern multiplex, in Switzerland there is a consolidated tradition of little bar cinemas (kino-bars) where drinks and food are served.
The cafés often offer a good choice of snacks for the usual break in the middle of the movie, and you are usually allowed to bring them in the movie theater.
Furthermore, some kino-bars are really nice and cosy, and they are the perfect place to have drinks with friends or to grab a bite before or after the projection or even if you anot interested to the movies.

My favorite ones in Zurich are:

-the Xenix: the bar offers a wide choice of drinks (the Sprintz and the Bicicletta are expensive but unbelievebly good) and appetizers. The decor of the walls with film slides and magnifing lens is really cool. When is warm there is also plenty of space outside (with chairs, tables etc).

– the Riffraff: with a very glamourous bar with fancy warm color light. High stools and tables allow to have a nice quite chat.

Both have also a very interesting film programs, which include old movies, non mainstream works and much more. Which for a movie theater is not bad.

Best Hamburger in Zurich — febbraio 2, 2014

Best Hamburger in Zurich

Just a couple of months ago, the renown chain Holy Cow opened in Zurich. At 5 min walk from Zurich HB, it offers a tasty and colorful options for those who – like me – are hamburger addicted for just 19.90 (price of a menu including a hamburger, a large portion of fries and drink).
The choice of sauces and flavors is amazing: my personal favorite is the Mexicana with guacamole and jalapenos. For those who like super-hungry there is also the King Kong a true hamburger-monster.
The place is also very friendly (the waiters are the best), with very funny decorations and has tables outside for the summer. A new nice spot you can’t miss!