Beside the usual huge and modern multiplex, in Switzerland there is a consolidated tradition of little bar cinemas (kino-bars) where drinks and food are served.
The cafés often offer a good choice of snacks for the usual break in the middle of the movie, and you are usually allowed to bring them in the movie theater.
Furthermore, some kino-bars are really nice and cosy, and they are the perfect place to have drinks with friends or to grab a bite before or after the projection or even if you anot interested to the movies.

My favorite ones in Zurich are:

-the Xenix: the bar offers a wide choice of drinks (the Sprintz and the Bicicletta are expensive but unbelievebly good) and appetizers. The decor of the walls with film slides and magnifing lens is really cool. When is warm there is also plenty of space outside (with chairs, tables etc).

– the Riffraff: with a very glamourous bar with fancy warm color light. High stools and tables allow to have a nice quite chat.

Both have also a very interesting film programs, which include old movies, non mainstream works and much more. Which for a movie theater is not bad.