Since I came to Switzerland I began to learn more and more about Swiss food and cuisine. I must admit that I had no clue of it before coming here. I just had a vague idea.

As for example, I just knew about their famous chocolate (Schokolade) but I didn’t really know how many brands and varieties were available here (well a trip to La Maison du Chocolat Cailler was quite educating on that).

Little by little in the last few months, also thanks to my great German teachers Carine and Rosette, I have learnt a lot about it. Furthermore I have learnt a lot about the relationship Swiss people have with food.

Among the most interesting discoveries, I must mention the Bircher Muesli, a very typical muesli that Swiss people have for breakfast (or for dinner with bread). What makes Bircher muesli so special is its recipe (of course), a mix of fruit and cereals and how thin the fruits are cut (almost invisible). Of course you can do it at home but if you don’t have much time (or you are lazy like me) you can always buy it “ready to eat” at Coop’s. It’s really good and healthy: a nice way to start the day.

But if you feel like to indulge yourself a little bit more I suggest you go to bakery and try a “gipfeli”, a sort of butter croissant, that you can also accompany with a branches (my favourite are Cailler‘s) or “schoggi weggli”, a sort of chocolate bread (very different from a French pain au chocolat because it’s not croissant-like).

My favourite is Bachmann‘s, so rich and savory. What is your favourite breakfast in Switzerland? Please let me know, I am eager to try it!