No matter where you are in Switzerland, just in a couple of hours you can reach the border to another country. From where I live in less than an hour, I can reach Waldshut, Germany, by train. As Waldshut is the last stop of Swiss railways, if you do have GA (general annual travelcard), it is included without extra fee. And the journey on the train offers some beautiful landscapes (and not queue at the border).


The city is kind of divided in two parts: just arrived to the Station, on the right side, you can see a large area with supermarkets (REWE, Lidl and Kaufland, which is the biggest) and fast foods (Burger King and Subways);



on the other side, in just 5 minutes walk you can reach the city center, nice and cosy, where there is an interesting choice of shops and food places.

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So, beside saving money on your weekly food and home products shopping (most of the things are cheaper than in Switzerland and, if you import things – under the value of about 200 euros – in Switzerland you are also given the VAT back) and finding products that are not available in Switzerland, Walshut is a very nice place to spend the day or the evening.

A must go for shopping are May, a multi brand store and Mueller, shop where you can find everything, from beauty products to snacks and paper products, both in the central street of the town.

My favourite places to grab a bit are: Lamm, a very nice German pub with good choice of beer and food (the rösti is super; remember to leave some space for their apple fried pancakes: they are to die for); Metropol, a romantic restaurant on the river, perfect also for a spritz at the apero; Santorini, a Greek restaurant with a view on the Rhein (if you love tzatziki and tarama – which is not available in Switzerland – this is your place!); Pinocchio, a nice ice cream parlour where you can find the real Italian gelato (and their crepes are great too!); Café Albrecht and the Ratsstüble Kaffehaus are the best in town, with a wide choice of cakes (typical from this area is the Dark Forest cake, the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), bonbons, homemade chocolates and pastries; last but not least Fuya, a nice Japanese restaurant, which offers also a sushi buffet in the evenings. Last week, we tried for the first time a newly opened  Argentinian steak house La Estancia: the meat was really delicious and perfectly cooked. Next time I will try some more of their appetizers and desserts and tell you more about this place!

In any case, don’t forget to book, especially in the weekend, because the city is packed with tourists and locals, and on a Saturday night you risk to spend an hour, going from one restaurant to the other, just to find a free table.

So what are you waiting for? The Dark Forest cake and pretzels are just waiting for you!