I don’t talk much about it but I am an art historian. Yes, I do have a profession beside writing this blog, baking and taking ‘awesome’ pictures (and being, of course, so humble). “Ich bin eine Kunsthistorikerin von Beruf”, as I say in my presentations at my German course.

As I came to Switzerland, I had to face a all new challenge getting to know the local art scene with its places, artists etc. Not knowing the language of course din’t help. But lucky for me, I met some awesome people on my way.

Lately  I also got the chance to co-curate two screenings on artists’ videos in Italy from the 70s and 80s (scheduled for next Saturday, May 31st) at this year’s edition of  VideoEx Festival, hosted at Walcheturm, Zurich and directed by Patrick Huber.

The Festival started last week, and the premiere on Friday night was so cool with a live music performance on Bragaglia’s futurist piece “Thais”. I hang out at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday too, and I got the chance to see some very interesting works and meet some young cool people. I wish I’d know more German to be able to connect more easily with people here! But luckily there were also many English, French and Italian speakers and the language issue was not that big of a problem.


On Saturday night I got also to hang outside, in the courtyard, where some of the projections were hosted. It really felt so good being under the dark sky, with a bottle of beer, sitting on the lawn or on a couch (yes, a couch outside!) and watching  Mark Snow’s La Région Centrale from 1971, a piece dedicated to landscape,  the fresh chilling night air on my face.

I finally I felt that if you know the right places and the right people Zurich can be the coolest place in the world. And that the best is yet to come.