Sunday I went for a day trip to Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It was so sunny and hot that we passed under its famous covered bridge at least 4 times, just to find some rest in the shade.





In fact when people talk about Swiss weather they usually complain for the rain and never for its heat waves (on Sunday it was 34° C) and not many Swiss cafés or restaurants have air conditioning systems.

In the afternoon, tired of walking under the sun, we decided to go for a short boat trip on the lake (piers are just near the Central Station). The view was amazing (the Pilatus and the Alps are pretty near) and we were kind of surprised to see that there are many little beach resorts with colored beach umbrellas and chairs. This is the Switzerland that stays under the radar. The one that is usually unknown to expats and foreigners and escapes from the stereotypes. The one that reminds you that Swiss people really know how to enjoy life and this is something we all should learn from them.

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