I am a city girl, always been one. No question about that. You wouldn’t say I spent most of my childhood summers at my grandma’s house in a small village in the countryside.
But I guess at some point I grew up and as a young teenager got fed up with being friend with goats, collecting flowers and having long walks in the middle of nowhere. Probably life was preparing me already for my Swiss adventure, but it wasn’t for me. Sometimes I wish I had a difference attitude towards being into the wild, hiking, and such a things. But I don’t.

In May for my husband’s birthday I found a nice Deindeal voucher for an adventurous archery and tipi (yes, you have read well… tipi) camping weekend in the Berner Oberlan and I purchased it enthusiastically without giving much thought about a little detail: I hate camping. So last week, with not too much enthusiasm but pretending to be happy for my husband, we had our first camping trip since we moved to Switzerland.

The start was not encouraging: 4 kilometers up on a hill to get to the camping. I thought my lungs were on fire at some point but luckily I made it and I was definitely rewarded for my efforts.







The place was super cool and the archery lesson and the archery adventure pathway was really fun (also thanks to Gary, a nice guy from Bristol, UK, who had the Robin Hood gene). We got lost a couple of times (not completely our fault as the map was just a sketch) but thanks to a merciful Swiss kid we found our way back to the camp.

(Pay attention not to break/loose too many arrows: it is 12 CH each and there is no bank nearby!)

In the evening we had a BBQ and watch the sun go down. The view was fantastic: the meadow with the big tipis was beautiful in the sunset (and I won’t ruin this romantic moment with such stupid questions like: who and why got the idea of building tipis in Switzerland?).


The night unfortunately was not so quite: the temperature dropped and caught us totally unprepared. I couldn’t sleep as the wind blew on the tipi. Luckily in the morning some good hot coffee and chocolate muesli were waiting for us.
And on our way back we found another path, less stressing and full of some small wild strawberries to die for.


So yesterday when I got my daily mail from Deindeal I caught myself browsing for some new offers and ideas of excursions and camping and I was finally revealed a difficult truth to accept: am I becoming a little Swiss after all and beginning to enjoy hiking, diving etc? Nahhh