July is coming to an end and Swiss National Day is coming up. It is quite a recent public holiday but Swiss really seem to love it as it is the perfect excuse for a good picnic (in case you’ve missed it, grilling is the most common summer sport here!). And as usual Migros and Coop are coming up with all sorts of Swiss flag merchandises: disposable plates and cups for picnics, paper caps, balls, and even… baby clothes.

I will never get over this: in no other country in the world people love to wear the flag on a daily basis like in Switzerland. And they put it everywhere! So my big question at moment is: what should I do? Buying Swiss flag stuff and celebrating like a local or behaving like any other day as it is no big deal as I am not Swiss and I don’t feel like one? The other option is taking something red and to put a cross on it (a very creative girl I know recently did it with some toilet paper!). But the true answer to is: who could turn down some awesome shopping and barbecuing? And furthermore I can get excited for fire works like a 5 years old kid!