One of the most common bread snack in Switzerland is definitely pretzel (in German Bretzel). You can find it everywhere and at every flavor (raclette is definitely my favorite!).

So I was surprise to learn from some locals that is kind of a new thing here in Switzerland, as it was imported some years ago from Germany.

Differently from Germany, I don’t know why you can’t find so much pretzels in Swiss pubs. My question is: aren’t they supposed to accompany a pint of beer or a panache? Anyway they seem to be simply perfect for any afternoon snack or at lunch filled with cheeses or hams.

Sometimes I simply make them at home following Laura Vitale’s super simple recipe (believe me any of you could do it with one hand!). It’s definitely cheaper, you can use them for a brunch and you can also make a sweet cinnamon typology.
Since I moved here, I tried pretzels from most of the companies and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing better than a salzbrezel (salty pretzel) at 2 CHF from Bretzelkoenig (probably THE cheapest warm snack you can buy in Switzerland, and in Zurich in particular). Just from the oven, it’s fresh and still warm. Not too big, not too small. With the right amount of salt. Simply perfect. A real treat in this cold summer.

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