Since I moved to Switzerland, I started noticing Swiss products, Swiss typical architectures and traces of Swiss history every time I travel in other countries. During my last travel to France I kept looking for Swiss products in the shops and Swiss brands at malls.

This Saturday I was in Mulhouse, France, not far from the Swiss border, to spend some nice relaxing day with my husband. A sort of post holidays decompression.

We paid the usual visit to Fnac and to the local store from Canal BD, and had lunch in a fancy creperie (the amount of cholesterol in my galette au 4 fromages probably exceeded the recommended annual amount but who cares?).
Later we visited the City Museum, hosted in what used to be once the Town Hall, which retraces the history of the Republic of Mulhouse (free entrance!).


The most interesting part was for sure the decorated main hall that is today used for wedding ceremonies. From the walls we immediately recognized the stems of Swiss Cantons (Mulhouse was a republic allied to the Swiss federation) ! Can you recognize all of them?



I am still working to it but my husband is an expert. Maybe one day I will be too. In the meantime I enjoy some guided tours from him….