Kosovar Albanian New York based artist Sislej Xhafa installed a gigantic Y in 2011 at Hardaupark, Zurich, as part of a public art project. The work, that evoke’s King David’s biblical sling, is also a real swing, that can be used by the residents of Hardaupark and visitors, children included.

It is really impressive, especially if you are not expecting it: I didn’t dare to try but they say it is perfectly safe…When I was a kid I used to love swings: my school had many and it was our favourite hobby at the lunch break.

Anyway I think it’s king of 25 years that I don’t sit on one of those things so it feels kind of strange to me thinking of using this gigantic Y swing. But I think the fact that is an artwork makes it much much more interesting and fun.


The other day the weather unfortunately was not that good (well this is not something exceptional for this summer!) and I was a bit in a hurry so I think I will get back to it soon and try and take some better pictures for you guys!