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A hidden beautiful spot in Basel — marzo 30, 2014

A hidden beautiful spot in Basel

Yesterday I visited the Museum für Gegenwartskunst (the Contemporary Art Museum) at St. Alban-Rheinweg 60 in Basel. There was a marvelous exhibition dedicated to Marcel Broodtaers’ film Le Corbeau et le Renard with works by Broodtaers himself, Hans Arp, Robert Barry, Alighiero Boetti, László Moholy-Nagy, Dieter Roth and John Smith.

When we reached the third floor and finished to see the exhibition, we noticed there was a stair that brought further up and decided to explore it. So this is how we found the terrace.



From there you can see one of the most impressive view of Basel.

As we felt we had discovered something not really known to many, I decided to share it with you. So maybe it will our little secret!


Fasnacht in Basel — marzo 22, 2014

Fasnacht in Basel

A couple of weeks ago we went to Basel’s Fasnacht. It began at 4 am so I got so tired it took me 2 weeks to make a post on it.

Anyway, it was an incredible experience. People started getting together in the streets at 3 am, chatting and preparing for the parade.
All participants wore strange masks with lanterns on the top of them and had musical instruments like fifes and drums. They gathered in groups who played the same tunes and brought gigantic lanterns, with decorations, jokes and political statements (many in German and referred to local social and political issues: a complete mystery for us).
A few restaurants and cafés were opened and served hot soup and cheese pastries so we were able to take a break.
We spend the night following the different groups, taking pictures and waiting for the dawn. The city was incredibly beautiful and lively.
At 6 o’clock many bakeries opened and we could have breakfast. We indulge ourselves with Bachmann’s famous chocolate bread.

And then we went back home. Tired but amazed by this beautiful city.

Hungry at Basel EuroAirport? don’t miss the new “Paul” — febbraio 6, 2014

Hungry at Basel EuroAirport? don’t miss the new “Paul”

Basel EuroAirport offers very spectacular panoramas and host an incredible Tinguely on the second floor but restaurants and cafés unfortunately are not its forte.
Luckily, an interesting place finally opened after the security check: Paul, the renown French bakery brand.
Famous for its fresh sandwiches, pastries and delicious bread, Paul offers a wide range of menus and combo for lunch and breakfast, perfect for a sudden craving while waiting the plane.
It replaced an horrible bar that – I am sure – nobody will miss.
Furthermore, it is perfect if you want to purchase a box of their assorted macaroons (pistachios’ are the best!)

The sky over Basel Euroairport — dicembre 24, 2013

The sky over Basel Euroairport

When I can I always fly from Basel. It is my favorite airport in Switzerland. Even if in Zurich’s airport there is more choice of shops (there is life saver Migros too), cafes (yes, there is a Starbucks) bars and restaurants, the Basel airport has something, a sort of undeniable poetic quality. Maybe because it is between three countries, maybe for the beautiful Tinguely in the hall. Beautiful and very patriotic, with its Swiss flag.

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